Before you Scrapbook…earnest thoughts on social media and children

Before you Scrapbook…earnest thoughts on social media and children

I recently read that a certain, very popular social media site is introducing a new feature called Scrapbooks.  This feature allows parents to tag their children in posts and pictures long before they are old enough to have their own social account – thus leaving a “scrapbook” timeline when they start their own account.

To be earnest – I am sure that best intentions are in motion, but I am concerned for the safety of our children on this social media site once this is used.  I am a mom who is very delicate when it comes to my children on social media.  Is earnest boy adorable and earnest baby picture perfect all the time? Um, YES!  However I ensure that my accounts are limited simply to protect their identities.  (This is just what works for my family and I earnestly express that in no way is there a right or wrong when it comes to this matter – simply just what works for your family).  I just feel it is a good idea to consider what this feature will do.  This feature will track our children through their life as they grow and we tag, and once they get to an age they will sync their entire “tagged” past to their future – at this thought my earnest mommy senses begin to tingle.

Our children’s identities from birth will be right there for the taking – especially now that doctor offices, banks, tax agencies, health insurance companies and a slew more are asking for SSN all the time – I am worried for the safety of identities from theft.  Think of it – our children would not know that someone has opened a number of credit cards using their information and destroying their credit until they are 18.

Then there is the thought of cyber bullying.  God forbid cute chubby babies become a bad thing when our children are in high school – who knows bald babies, little babies, that adorable half nude pic of your child covered in pudding which may resemble something else entirely, or anything that children can find on one another to use.  I know that for me in high school it was my middle name and baby pics that I kept to myself to avoid ridicule.  If all of this is posted for the public now – how do we keep it private in the future?!

All in all, this is just my initial reaction to this feature and I know that we are living in a digital age but perhaps in this digital age our security ought to be reevaluated constantly.  Remember, we are our children’s parents and guardians, protectors and comforters.  Our children are completely dependent on us from birth and once they turn 18 they will have their own ideas of what privacy is and may not want their entire past linked on the internet.

Trust me there are times that these earnest kiddos are so cute I want the world to see how blessed I am – but then I am quick to remember that the world doesn’t have my family’s earnest interests at heart.  Like I said earlier, this is just food for thought – please be earnestly empowered to do what it is that works for you and your family, be informed and be happy!


earnest mom


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