An Earnest Break.

Guys, It has been a spell! One year ago, I wrote what I thought was going to be my final post for Earnest Mom. However, with much reflection and prayer it appears what was needed was a nice break. A year off to reconnect, make some life changes and now I am earnestly back!!

There has been so much that has changed over the last year. We began our new teaching journey when we decided to homeschool all three of our earnest littles (something you can check our via our sister site I am looking to revamp a little, keep all my crazy motherhood/parenthood blogs here and let 3W3F solely cover homeschooling.

I also broke up with Facebook for a year which I found healing and so freeing (especially to not have Facebook during the wild elections, but that is neither here nor there because politics are not what this blog is about). Taking a year away from Facebook allowed me to reflect what was necessary in my life, I came back to the social media world in quite a limited way. Mainly my 3wild3free Instagram account posted to Facebook and I failed to answer hundreds of comments and messages. Oops. While I am back on Facebook in some capacity, I am still choosing to interact minimally and truly do not mindlessly scroll through my news feeds (no IG Reels – completely different story ha ha).

Anyway, not looking to make this too long, just wanting to reconnect and let you AMAZING Earnest Readers know that I will be sharing my antics and motherhood experiences once again. Thank you so much for joining me in this wild motherhood ride.

x. earnest mom

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