You Are Enough. Yes, YOU earnestly are enough. 


This past summer these three words rang in my head as I read them on my little phone screen. You. Are. Enough. Before reading this post it never occurred to me that I was indeed, enough.  Usually late at night when I rock earnest babe back to sleep I scroll my Instagram and Pinterest accounts to keep me awake. This is the time when I realize that I need to be more, there are always tips and pins that tell me how to be more positive of a parent, more skinny, more happy, more successful, more pretty, more face contoured, more hard working, more, more, more!!  When everything I see is telling me I need to be more, it is REALLY hard to feel like I am enough. 

Then I turn this battle inward, I believe that once I get more I will be happy (SO NOT TRUE); but when it is in my face enough, I become so sure that once I have a thigh gap…I will be enough. Ugh. Seriously, I did not even know that was a thing until Pinterest told me how I could get more of it. 

Back to “You Are Enough,” I read this post on She Laughs Project’s Instagram account and I stopped in that moment, I read the words out loud to myself and I realized that I had never told myself I was enough. So to see it that once, I did not believe it.  With a whole world telling us how to constantly improve ourselves, the majority of the time outwardly it is hard to see that we are enough. Fast forward to months later, I am sitting in a MoPs meeting and a MoPs mama sharing her personal story asked us, “Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are to question God? He made you, exactly the way he wanted you. Who are you to question that?”  I swallowed back tears, who DID I think I was??! At 32 years old, I had no idea that I was made enough and in that very teary eyed, pride-swallowing moment I gave myself permission to accept that I was enough. My life changed. 

I was enough, and it was liberating. I believe that our minds are very powerful things and I made it my mission to repeat to myself to remind myself often that I was enough. I am beautiful enough. I am strong enough. I am mom enough. I am smart enough. I am pretty enough. I am enough and reader, so are you!! In seeing the beauty that I can see in myself and loving myself as I am, has opened me up to see the beauty and love in everyone else. It feels so free, so light and so kind – I look back and cannot believe at the ways in which I judged myself, the things I said to myself.  In place, I remind myself that I am my kind of pretty, my kind of strong and my kind of happy. All these which are evolving as I change as a person, but that is okay because people change. Now that I am here, loving me I refuse to turn back. 

I am so thankful for the She Laughs Project, and their three small words has changed me as a mom, a wife, a woman, a sister and a friend. I am enough and I want all of you to know that you are too!  I have stopped looking at “make yourself more” posting accounts to “love you as you” accounts on social media and it has helped me to keep my positivity. I needed to not only change how I was thinking about myself but also change how I allowed my outside world tell me who I was. 

I am enough, just as I am. And I am happy, truly happy , it only took 32 years to get here but I am happier knowing that I get to be a better example as a self confident joyful woman to my daughter.  I want to be the change, any earnest readers feel the change too??  Let’s climb together because victories are way better when celebrated with those that you helped lift along the way. 

In closing, I want to tell you so you know, you are enough. 

x. earnest mom. 

Mommying is Hard. Earnest Support, and it’s Free. 


There are a ton of books, experts and advice out there. Support and help to get us through the crazy yet amazing journey called parenting. Well, as a mom of two strong willed, messy, smiley and sometimes sticky kiddos I am always looking advice. Especially when it comes to the hot topics like discipline, eating and education.

I believe each and every parent needs love, support and guidance for parenting especially since most of it is ‘learn as you go.’  Since having both my little ones, I feel like God has given me the most profound job I could ever have – raising two tiny humans into *hopefully* kind, empathetic, honest, caring adults who also have the freedom to be who they want to be. At times I find myself stumped, and they are only 6 and 2. Knowing this is only the beginning, I search for parenting information and articles that I can sift through to make into my own parenting style that will be successful for this earnest little family.

In the past, I have attended and traveled to MommyCons, Gearapaloozas and local parenting events here in Erie that have all been at cost; as I was simply seeking advice, support and connecting to other fellow mommas.  I will tell you, these events are worth MORE than their weight in gold and I would recommend any parent that can attend, go; however, that is not always an option. Well this weekend I stumbled on a gem!! A FREE, seriously, a free mom conference.

The is conference called The Mom Conference and it is online from October 11-13, 2016. They will send you your special link every morning to watch the seminars for that day, at your own pace. The only catch, the link and seminars will expire after 24 hours.  I found this conference through Positive Parenting Solutions Facebook page, where I have often found very helpful FREE webinars.  I am hopeful that this conference will be just as helpful and informative.

According to The Mom Conference website,

The Mom Conference is three days full of fabulous online interviews with TWENTY of your favorite speakers, authors and bloggers.

Motherhood is hard. But motherhood is also beautiful. This conference is about helping you maximize the beautiful stuff while minimizing the hard stuff.

The Mom Conference will give you inspiration alongside powerful, concrete ideas to help you be the mom you really want to be.

Please know, this blog post is in no way sponsored, I earnestly am excited to try this free resource and hoping to get as many moms out there the opportunity as well. If you are interested, use this link MOM CONFERENCE REGISTRATION to register.

x. em

La Petite Crème. An Earnest Review.


La Petite Crème is a diaper changing “game changer” for me.  As a mom who mainly cloth diapers, using cloth wipes was a very easy transition.  What was not so easy for me was finding a solution (other than plain water) to wipe my earnest babe’s derriere when needed.  Most of the solutions that I had concocted my self or purchased from other mama-makers often seemed to not last long enough.  They tended to develop an “old” smell after a few days.  I was so happy to have stumbled across La Petite Crème which helped to solve this problem for me.

This French inspired, chemical free diapering lotion truly is easy to use, easy to transport and easy recommend to any mama out there, cloth or disposable diapers do not matter because this product can be used with dry cloth or disposable wipes – your choice!

img_1073How does it work? Squeeze a small amount of La Petite Crème on to a cloth or disposable cotton pad or whatever wipe works for you, and simply use to wipe clean the diaper area.  No rinsing required!  It is that easy, not rinsing allows a clear protective film to remain on baby’s sensitive skin.  This diapering lotion is cloth diaper safe, fragrance fee and hypoallergenic while naturally cleansing and disinfecting.  Since it is chemical free, it only has six ingredients – water, olive oil, vegetable glycerin, beeswax, vitamin E and limestone. Best of all, I can pronounce all of them.

Learn more about La Petite Crème here.  You should definitely give this mama-maker a try, moms supporting moms.

x. em.

Earnest Mom Local Spotlight: The Family Shop

The Family Shop is a new and exciting parenting retail store opening here in Erie, PA.  Created by Jeff and Kristyn Chiaramonte, their mission is to provide the best quality family care products and services at fair pricing to support families of all income levels. Every customer matters to them. Such a perfect name for their shop as they truly are family focused and family supportive, a community effort that is rarely felt in any big box store today.  They are trying to help the community not only by providing great products to families but also by supporting local “mommy makers/artisans” which will have Erie made products featured on their Vendor Wall.

The Family Shop will provide great new natural products focused on helping families. They will be offering  a variety of baby carriers/wraps, nursing/maternity apparel, cloth diapers, bamboo feeding tools, educational toys, teething products and more. The shop has a Mommy Corner, designed with nursing moms in mind, it is a quiet corner where mammas can nurse if baby gets hungry during shopping or change their bums without being distracted from the business of the hustle and bustle.  There is also an adorable kids spot that is a space designed specifically for little ones to play, with a huge open window  where kids remain in sight from across the store; moms and dads can shop while their little one plays, and can keep a good eye on them at the same time.

The Family Shop will have their grand opening starting Tuesday April 26, 2016 10 am lasting all week, they will give away free reusable “The Family Shop” totes on each in store purchase, while supplies last.  The shop’s regular hours of operation will be Tuesdays-Saturdays from 10 am – 6 pm.  During the grand opening there will be large stamp pads available in an array of colors so the customers can use their hand prints to decorate the lower half of the store’s walls.  I earnestly love this idea and cannot wait until my littles are old enough to return and can pick out their own hands on the shop walls.  As the days lead up to the grand opening, stay tuned on Facebook where the shop has been featuring some fun reveals and keeping us updated with any news.

I am earnestly excited for this store to open, as an Erie resident and mama of two I can see the potential and need for this shop to be a great community support.  Kristyn and Jeff hope to start hosting learning programs from the shop to allow moms and dads a safe place to spend time, grow and learn, and allow children to socialize as well.  The shop is quaint, inviting and welcoming to all customers.  Whether you are curious about baby wearing, cloth diapers, looking to simply connect, or thinking about going bit greener in your home, this is the shop you want to stop by!

Contact The Family Shop at Yorktown Plaza
2501 W. 12th Street
Erie, PA 16505
or Connect on Facebook:
and Twitter:

Hope to see you at the Grand Opening!
x. em.

Mamahood; let’s DO this!

Ok, so typically I would not post about what anyone else does, that being said I’ve decided to create a call to action. Mamas, let’s stop judging one another. Let’s stop sizing up how we gave birth, what diapers we use and if we use bumper pads or not.  Let’s stop using social media to shame or tear down fellow mamas. Why?! Because it hurts. I’m so disappointed when I see us mamas tearing other mamas down.

We are all connected by one thing, we have been blessed to have children all our own (whether birthed or adopted or even step), we are all attached by a cord of responsibility for a future generation. 

Let’s stop. Let’s embrace one another, let’s love one another and most of all let’s lift each other up! Kindness and acceptance are some of the most desired things around the world, so let’s give it out like candy at Halloween. Scratch that, giving it out at Halloween makes it sound like we need to dress up to receive it; no let’s just spread them everywhere, regardless of what we would have done ourselves or how we would have done it differently.  Because kindness and acceptance are FREE. 

Mamahood is one of the most powerful sisterhoods out there! So let’s call that order to march. Let’s celebrate our differences, let’s support our new mamas or less informed mamas. Let’s be caring and earnest in our comments on social media, if we see something may be wrong let’s be classy and privately message where we think there needs improvement. 

Mamas, we are setting the example so let’s set the standard high and help our littles grow to be better than we could ever be. When babies are around, sleep is minimal, emotions are wild and the number one thing us mamas need it an outstretched arm of support; we don’t need hands to only push us down. 

That being said, let’s lessen the judging, public shaming and finger pointing that only cause hurt and offense. Instead let us change it, let us being to increase the embraces of kindness, blankets of support and sisterhood of uplift that will help all mamas out there. 

In closing, I want to take a moment to say: mamas keep up the good work, keep taking care of your kids the best you can each and every day; smile at a stranger because smiling is contagious and that’s one thing I love to catch.  Send a fellow mama a message of encouragement because a kind word can change someone’s day in a moment. If you can, give a text or call just to say “I’m thinking of you and you’re awesome.”  Remember, happy people are the most beautiful and smiles do more repair than any discouraging word. Let’s do this mamas, let’s be the change. 


earnest mom. 

Earnest Mom loves Bookroo, and you should too!

With the mass flood of subscription boxes out there, it’s hard to sort through and see which ones are the best fit for you and your family. Boxes range from bow ties, nail polish  and make up to fitness and even dog and cat themed; then there is the children’s market and this is the area that peaks my interest. I love the idea of something special coming in the mail every month for my earnest littles. I’ve tried many out there, which mainly focus on toys or crafts and I was recently introduced to Bookroo. 

Bookroo is a monthly subscription box that, like many others can be paid on a multiple month subscription at a discounted price or just a renewable monthly one for a set price each month.  This sub-box was started by three couples who were passionate about helping families build their children’s library; especially with the current reports of the importance of early literacy for our children. 

Starting at $17.95 a month (stay tuned for an earnest mom exclusive discount) you can choose from a 6, 3 or 1 month subscription plan and your child will received a specially curated box of 2-3 books for their own library. I earnestly love this, I love the passion I feel from this company as they truly desire to help increase literacy for children. They quoted one of my favorite authors with their mission statement:

“It is a great thing to start life with a small number of really good books which are your very own.”

– Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I also love that if they send you a book you already have, you can snap a pic of the two books to them and they will give you a discount off of your next box! And hey, if you have two of that book now – donate to a local book bank or drive to help other families build their own libraries too! 

So, looking to try something new? Something that will increase your children’s love for literacy and learning? Then, why not invest in their own library, and their own opportunity to explore the world through the timeless written word. Go ahead, give Bookroo a try! Check out this earnest mom link Bookroo Subscription and a $4 discount will be automatically applied when you check out. 

Remember earnest followers, as quoted by the beloved Dr. Suess, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go.”  Happy readings!


earnest mom. 

Earnest Mom’s Crunchy Journey. Turning Red to Green. 

Shop the new Honest Feminine Care line!**This post contains Honest Company affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.** 

Ok, ladies this one is for you. After attending a Red to Green session at Mommy Con Columbus, I decided this topic was an important one to touch on in this series. We are chatting about Aunt Flow and the the many options we have out there to help get us through that time of the month. That being said, I will not be focusing on anything graphic. This crunchy journey will look at how we can be more green when we are menstruating. 

How about a few facts:

  • Tampons and pads with odor neutralizers and artificial fragrances are chemicals, conatining artificial colors, polyester, adhesives, polyethylene (PET), polypropylene and propylene glycol (PEG), all linked to hormone disruption, cancer, birth defects, dryness and infertility. 
  • In general, mass marketed tampons and pads contain genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and numerous pesticides. 
  • Chlorine bleach is what is used to make pads and tampons so white, which can create Dioxin.  Dioxin has been linked to: Abnormal tissue growth in the abdomen and reproductive organs, abnormal cell growth throughout the body, immune system suppression, hormonal and endocrine system disruption Note: Dioxin has been found in Breastmilk which means not only are mamas exposed but so are their nurslings
  • Since menstrual pads and tampons are classified as “medical devices,” ingredient disclosure is not mandatory.
  • And then there is the waste. An average woman in the US will use more than 16,800 in her lifetime. 
  • Approximately 20 Billion (with a B) menstrual pads, tampons and tampon applicators are sent to landfills each year – maybe that’s why we see them in our streams, lakes and beaches. Gross. 

So, what are our options?! I mean, we do want options right? We are talking about the most sensitive parts of our body and we are willing to blindly put all kinds of chemicals there. Yikes. As far as alternatives to disposable all together; you’ve got mama cloth (reusable cloth pads and tampons) and menstrual cups. This earnest mom has fully converted to cups and mama cloth, no more waste here.  I have included some links below where you can get some great cloth pads and cups online. If reusable is just not your thing, which is okay – there are companies that offer chemical and bleach free, organic cotton disposal options, check the banners and stay tuned, I will be giving away an Honest Organic Pad Set, be sure to enter!

My earnest ladies, I encourage you to not just take my word on it; do your own research. Be informed, these ate the only bodies we have and we’ve got to take care of them!

Curious about cups but not sure where to start? Kim Rosas of Put a Cup In It has a great website that really helped me with my cup usage and information. Let’s work together to become more healthy, have less chemical exposure and less waste!  

Enter to win an Honest Company Organic Pad Set (one 10 pack of regular and one ten pack of super pads) at the link here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: You must be a resident of the US or Canada to be eligible to win!
Have questions about what I use, suggestions or thoughts about turning red to green? Please email me, I’d love to keep this #detoxthebox conversation going, and please if you are going to comment let’s refrain from being too graphic as I would like to keep my blog as earnestly wholesome as possible. 

UPDATE: Still in the fence about trying Honest?! Use this code to get $10 off your first order of $25 or more! Use: GET10


earnest mom. 

Some cloth and cup links:

The Pink Lemonade Shop

Lunette Cup

The Diva Cup

Organic Disposable Options:
Shop the new Honest Feminine Care line!

Mommy Con? Yes Please!

I recently had the privilege of attending Mommy Con in Columbus, Ohio. It was a hike from my little town but man, it was worth it! (Stay tuned to see the swag bag). 

I was able to attend a few VIP/Media opportunities where I got to hang with the BabyGuyNYC and meet sweet Xsa and the lovely Laney (who are the brains and hearts behind Mommy Con). I also got to volunteer (which got me in for free) and help out the wonderful Keeley as we handed out swag bags and disassembled Mommy Con after all attendees left.  Here I am below with the BabyGuyNYC

If you read last week’s post, I let you know all about Mommy Con, a boutique style convention for moms who breast feed, baby wear, cloth diaper, along with other natural parenting approaches. I attended some great seminars including Potty Taining 101 with the fabulous Tamica from Potty Schmotty, and yes Tamica I am STILL singing the potty song in my head! I also attended a seminar about lady business and how to go green during that time of the month. Both of these seminars will be detailed in future posts.   

 All in all, even though I did not pay the $40.00 it costs to attend (because I volunteered) I would say, if you’re into natural parenting or parenting as a whole, attend!!! It’s SO worth the money. The information I received was priceless and the swag bag was EVEN better…oh yes swag bag, well here it is pictured below.   
I must say, the ladies that work crazy hard to put this kind of event together for moms, being moms themselves (well most of them) they are amazing. Like I said I was blessed enough to have a media session with darling Xsa and Laney and they are some the kindest and genuine ladies I’ve ever met, and I’m so thankful to have had such a good time. 

Then there were the giveaways with the BabyGuyNYC. Oh. My. There were car seats, breastpumps, strollers and much, much more! Some mamas (and daddy’s too walked away with some amazing gifts that day. 

My volunteer shift was at the end of the conference where I handed out swag bags, and man that little room with zero airflow was HOT but it was a lot of fun, especially with Keeley who kept humor around for us to enjoy.  After that we worked hard, breaking down and cleaning up the entire conference, it was a blast! Here I am in the gift bag corner.  


All in all, my experience was great. If you find a Mommy Con near you, get a ticket! (Or keep and eye out for the call for volunteers).  I know many are selling out and they’ve already released presale tickets for next year’s locations so, head on over to Mommy-Con and check them out!

Until next time!


earnest mom. 


Earnest Mom talks Mommy-Con Columbus

I am earnestly excited to announced that this earnest mom has been invited to Mommy-Con Columbus as a blogging guest! I am over the moon and cannot wait to see what advice and connections are awaiting me. 

What is Mommy-Con?

According to Mommy-Con‘s website: 

MommyCon is a boutique style convention dedicated to bringing modern parents and mothers-to-be together. Our focus is on natural and organic parenting methods and timeless tidbits as we journey through parenthood together. Our seminars and workshops include; babywearing, birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, car seat safety, natural health and medicine, baby gear, childproofing and so much more! We end our day with amazing giveaways and each attendee gets a gift bag from our sponsors. 

These events sell out super fast, Columbus has been sold out since the beginning of August and tickets for Mommy-Con 2016 are already up for presale!! If one is near you check them out. 

Why is this earnest mom excited??

Well, being a media guest my admission was free, but I also was able to accept a volunteer position (because I don’t mind helping) and that earned free admission as well, to this sold out event! But that’s not the best part. I was also blessed enough to receive a VIP session with the BabyGuyNYC (and most of you know my sentiments toward him, his wisdom and his awesomeness). I will also be attending Mommy-Con After Dark, a session for mamas only and as far as I can tell it’s the first one of its kind so I will be very excited to report how it goes. I have also heard that there is a ton of pampering that takes place during the VIP sessions so this I am leaving the earnest littles and dad home, and enjoying a mommy weekend to herself!  And that is only Friday; the full event is Saturday. 

At the Mommy-Con event Saturday, there will be the seminars and workshops that will focus on everything from breastfeeding to potty training and feeding your picky eaters. Plus, there are the infamous Mommy-Con Swag bags (gah! I love free stuff!) and the incredible giveaways which go from mommy gift baskets to luxury car seats and strollers. 

I cannot wait to share my Mommy-Con experience with you earnest followers; so be sure to like my Facebook Page (Earnest Mom Blog) and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @earnestmomblog where I will be updating after 4 Friday until Mommy-Con ends on Saturday. See you there!! 


earnest mom

P.S. Any questions you’d like me to ask the BabyGuy?? Comment below and I will see what I can do!

P.P.S. Interested in attending a Mommy-Con near you?? Check out their events website here: Mommy-Con Events