Earnest mom blog is an interactive blog for moms, dads, caregivers, friends, family and those looking to read some good and informative articles about family life, staying home with kids, being a cloth mama, going green and being a bit crunchy.

In our earnest household there is earnest mom, earnest dad, earnest boy (who is all of 5 sticky years old) and earnest baby (sweetest little peach this side of the border).  We are a church going, fun loving, and blessed little family who loves spending weekends camping, hanging out with family and friends and enjoying the little moments together.

Before being a stay at home mom, earnest mom was an Administrator of a childcare center – she and earnest dad decided that she should stay home and raise their earnest children after the birth of earnest baby September 2014.  The transition has resulted in happy children, wholesome suppers and still piles of unfolded laundry (my nemesis).  This blog will feature some of our everyday life, some reviews of my favorite earnest things (from household products to baby products).    Earnest mom will also host guest bloggers such as earnest dad and other blog articles featuring friends and family’s own experiences.

As always, earnest mom is so THANKFUL for all you earnest followers out there and is always open to suggestions, praises and criticisms.  If you want to contact you can email earnestmomblog@gmail.com


earnest mom

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