I actually did it!

I started a blog! I mean, I’ve actually created and started my very own blog. How did it come about?!

Well, I’m quite green to the stay at home mom scene and I’ve found that my days are busy, messy and exhausting. Not only tiring but I also found that “me time” has gone out the window (along with my make up and brush) and I wasn’t taking time for me. I love my life and my family but I thought I could use a different outlet. So in the car with the whole earnest family, earnest dad and I got to chatting on my options and well here I am. Fresh and new on the blog scene and anxious to get started!  Hope I’ll be seeing you around these parts often please feel free to leave comments or email, I’m looking forward to hearing from you earnest readers out there 🙂


earnest mom

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