Coffee. An earnest, open letter to the extincted hot morning coffee of a stay at home mom. 

Dearest Hot Cup of Coffee,

I must earnestly apologize for pouring you, mixing in creamer and setting you down – only to let you sit there and cool to room temperature with out one joyous sip while you are perfectly hot from the pot.  You should know, it is never my intent to leave you only to chug you down bitter cold – every morning I pour with hope my last sip will still simmer with love. Alas, this is not the case, and has not been the case in seven months. My mommy duties have pulled me away from our decade long morning relationship and I must admit I miss you so. I miss sitting, quietly inside or out, at home or at work, I miss it – that nice warm kiss of a first sip to help ease the morning and to help welcome the week on Mondays.

Sadly, you sit – alone on the table while earnest boy demands more waffles or eggs and earnest baby cries for more milk. Patiently you sit there, cooling alone while the earnest household bustles around you. You are so patient yet you cannot hold your heat, for I know you desire every drink of you to be warm with satisfying heat.

I’ve mistreated and neglected you and for that I’m truly sorry. I look forward for that day that once again, I will have slept the whole night and awakened refreshed, pushed your pots ON button and listen to you percolate in peace and anticipation.  I expect that day my children will be grown and I will have consumed gallons of cold versions of you only to avoid the afternoon headache of your absence. But that day, when it’s calm, quiet, just you and I and the rise of the sun, I will earnestly sip and enjoy every mouthful of your glory and that day will be wonderful.

Until then, I will continue to pour with the same earnest hopes of heated delight, leave you there, then chug you down cold but know, I will always look to the future. As for now I have a sweet darling, growing earnest boy of five that I’m more than happy to give my earnest time to, and a sweet peachy earnest baby of seven months that has made life complete and I’m so blessed to give my restful night to. Until then, know my earnest love for your has never changed – only put on hold for a season.

With all my love for you,

earnest mom.

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