Buzzy 4 Shots? Earnest Mom says YES!

Hey guys, this will be a quickie but I had to get on here and sing, well blog praises about this great little bee. This is Buzzy Bee and he is an all natural alternative to pain killers when it comes to getting shots, bee stings and even removing splinters!  I had seen Buzzy on The Baby Guy NYC’s Facebook page in the spring and had to get one. Today was the first time we tried it at earnest boy’s well child kindergarten check up which comes with the perks of not one, but three needles. 

For those that know us, know that earnest boy sustained a laceration above his left eye this past winter that was accompanied by seven stitches. Well this was quite traumatic in our little man and since has HATED needles.  Needless to say this was worth the try!

Knowing he was getting shots today had earnest boy’s nerves were through the roof and aside from the pre-stick crying, he did not feel the needles go in!! Like I said, he still cried but that was earnestly built up fear from his last needle experience but he did not feel any of the needles. We LOVE this product and will go on recommending it to all we come into contact with, PLUS the whole earnest family will get in on using this bad boy when we need any pain relief associated with needles. 

So how does it work?! Well the bee vibrates, and by holding on the skin the vibrations cause a temporary numbness. According to the website (, “Invented by a pediatrician and pain researcher, Buzzy® is a reusable breakthrough personal pain device that provides natural pain relief. Gate control is the basis for Buzzy®, physiologically overwhelming the body’s pain nerves with benign cold (ice wings) and vibration (Buzzy’s body). Like a dentist jiggling a jaw or putting a burned finger under cool water, cold and vibration control sharp pain from shots, cosmetic injections and IVs, and temporarily relieve muscle soreness and burning from medications.”

Like I said, it earnestly works! Get yours today and if there’s an option tell them earnest mom sent you 🙂


earnest mom

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