earnest mom says goodbye…

I am earnestly sorry for my absence. I’ve been saying goodbye to a loved one, my grandmother. She passed after a long battle with cancer and has now received her full reward for the life she lived. As she has left this earth and no longer suffers with the pains of life, my heart hurts. This post is written in dedication to her, my Sotha. 

Sotha, as my siblings and I called her, (pronounced SO-tah) is grandmother in her native language.  She was such a wonderful woman, a true example of poise and grace (her real name was Grace), she was a wonderful grandmother. My earliest memory of her was sitting on her lap in my parents’ living room and her reading Stone Soup and If You Give A Mouse a Cookie to my sister and I.

I will never forget the sweet mild voice she had that sometimes had a creak of raspy, especially when she said my name, in fact I can still hear her say my name.  When I sat next to her in church, I used to strain my ear to hear her voice singing above all the others, and I loved how she sounded like Snow White when she sang.  My heart!

There are so many great memories of her for me to cherish, she taught me to make sugar cookies and took the time to teach me her amazing stuffing and potato salad. She was so patient with me and taught me my love for baking. 

It’s so hard to lose a loved one but I have found great comfort in my memories, in the strength I’ve seen from my papa and his children and the support of my friends and family. 

Thank you for being patient with me and please stay tuned as this earnest mama gets back on track!


earnest mom. 

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