Earnest Mom Becomes an Honest Ambassador.


Earnest mom is very excited and blessed to announce that I have been chosen as an Honest Company Ambassador, this opportunity will provide me with exclusive access to new products, reviews and even more giveaways!  As an ambassador I will be compensated for any sales that may come from links on my blog and blog posts.  Although being compensated is nice, that is only a perk, I did not sign on because I want sales. I signed on because I am an Honest brand enthusiast. I absolutely love their products, their standards and their story.

I remember my first purchase was three years ago Christmas, as stocking stuffers and gifts I had purchased the hair and body wash sets from Costco, and kept one for myself. I loved the smell, and the fact that it had no harmful chemicals. There. Right there, that is where my love for the Honest Company began.

It would not be a few years before I ordered my free Essentials Trial and free Diaper and Wipes Trial. Once again, I was not disappointed, only complaint I have heard is if you order a free trial you have to call to cancel or you will be billed for a monthly membership.  The Honest Company makes you very aware of the automatic payments after the trial period, I did not mind calling to cancel the diaper subscription, as much as I loved the diapers, we use cloth during the day and disposable at night. I do not go through nearly enough disposable diapers to justify the subscription. If you are a disposable user, I earnestly recommend using the Honest subscription. The diapers come in fun, colorful, and adorable prints and are free from toxic chemicals. They arrive at your door for about 80 bucks a month or every six weeks. I know that a case of diapers from any big box store runs from 40-55 dollars depending on the diaper size, that does not include wipes. The Honest company provides toxin free diapers and wipes for 25 dollars more. I know with my first born, when we used disposable diapers we were using about a case and a half a month. I would say the price is quite comparable. Check it out at the link below and see for yourself! Remember any sales that are made through this link, earnest mom will be compensated.

The Honest Company

When earnest baby was born, I received an Honest Company diaper cake, I loved it! Especially because I loved the diapers, like I said earlier cute prints and free of toxic chemicals, great combination for this earnest mom; that being said we use Honest diapers at night and they hold…all night. I’ve always had to use the next size up for the earnest kids at night because they’d go so much, but with Honest it’s the first diaper that I use at their true size that keeps them dry all night! I now order two packs a month online, and I love them!

What can I say?! I love the Honest Company and hope to be able to bring you earnest followers more information, more reviews and giveaways in the future, please stay tuned. In the meantime, use earnest mom’s link to check out some Honest goodies and try a few free trials!


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An Earnest Review. Earnest Mom Reviews Gerber’s New All in One Cloth Diaper. 

A few days ago, the classic baby brand Gerber released their new, All in One cloth diaper, retailing online at $12.99 for a starter pack (which includes one reusable diaper with insert). The diapers are made with cotton TransDRY technology that wicks moisture away from baby’s skin and also has a waterproof outer cover that keeps clothes dry too. The diaper is actually really nice! It has Velcro (loop and hook) closures, not snaps like most All in Ones and is not bulky on baby’s bum. Another feature about this All in One is it can double as a pocket diaper that can be used with the insert included for extra absorbency. I received a sample of this diaper to review for all you earnest followers out there. 

Today, earnest baby got to test this sample out (the starter diaper pictured above with the insert). It went on her earnest little bum around 10 am, and we were out the door running errands and shopping. Around 2 she was getting hungry and ready for her nap when I realized I hadn’t changed her yet. After about 4 hours she got her bum changed (I usually change her between the 2 and 3 hour mark to avoid ‘damp diaper’ that can happen with cloth). I was expecting to have ‘damp diaper,’ but to my surprise the outer shell of the diaper was dry, I mean completely dry. Also, the double gusset leg design and waistband did not leak at all!  I must say, I was earnestly impressed. Not only is the diaper less bulky than popular cloth diapers on the market today, but it really stands up to the test; when I opened the diaper, the liner and the inside of the diaper were indeed wet but earnest baby’s bum was not. 

I really liked this cloth diaper and would recommend it to any family out there who may be considering cloth diapering. I cloth diapered with both of my children, starting with earnest boy five years ago. I purchased a Hybrid system that could use both cloth and disposable inserts and we invested in the cloth. The retail for the diapers I purchased with no insert are approximately $29.99 (for a two pack) and a six pack of inserts running around the same $29.99 mark. With Gerber’s price point being $12.99 for both diaper and insert, I would have definitely considered purchasing this system years ago. Typically, All in Ones cost between $14.95 and $29.95 at retail, and I like that Gerber was able to come in at a lower cost.  Since purchasing my first cloth diaper system, I have accumulated many Hybrids, All in Ones and Pockets. I think out of all of them, Gerber is my new favorite. 

This new Gerber all in one is nice quality with an even nicer price! If you are curious about cloth and try this system, you will make the switch! Find yours here at Gerber Children’s Wear.


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Craniosynostosis. An Earnest Follower Writes Her Experience for Earnest Mom.

When earnest baby goes for her well baby checks the doctor always feels her fontanels (soft spots), to make sure they are doing what they should do.  While chatting with my friend and earnest follower, Nicole she had told be of her son’s craniosynostosis; when I realized I had never heard of the condition, I asked her to share her story so all of us moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers can be more aware of this potentially serious condition.  Here is her story (thank you Nicole).  x. earnest mom

In the past 6 days, I have endured the puzzling stares from strangers when they look at my adorable 12 week old son. Why are they puzzled?  Because he is wearing a helmet. He looks like a miniature football player or hockey player sporting a light blue camouflage patterned helmet. He wears it pretty well I must say. But obviously he looks different than most other babes and it calls attention.  I have been here before and the stares don’t bother me.  I am always eager to answer the questions that only a few onlookers will ask.

Our first son, now almost six years old, wore a helmet as well. He was only in one for about seven weeks. He was diagnosed with plagiocephaly which is a relatively common condition caused by him favoring a certain head position.  The favoring causes flat spots on his skull. The helmet corrects this condition. I am happy to say the short stay in the helmet has shaped his skull into the beautiful round head that it is today. But who would have thought that we would have a second child in a helmet and for a completely different reason.

Our third son Weston, was born on March 9, 2015.  He is perfect. Just a happy relaxed little guy. He loves to snuggle and smiles with dimples that melt your heart.  When Weston was 7 ½ weeks old, I noticed something was missing on my beautiful boy. The soft spot medically known as the fontanelle is usually felt near the front of the head. The newborn skull is not one piece but actually comprised of multiple pieces of bone that allow the head to compress and expand during birth and with the growth of the brain thereafter. The “gaps” between the bones make up the soft spots or sutures.  With this being my third child and myself working in the medical field, I knew that this closing so early was not a normal finding.  The following morning I placed a call to our pediatrician and had an appointment that afternoon.  The doctor confirmed that the anterior soft spot was no longer present. There was also a mild ridge that you could feel at the back of the head, which I had mentioned at Weston’s very first appointment.  We went immediately for an x-ray.  However, that was inconclusive, so an appointment with a neurosurgeon and a 3D CAT scan was now in our near future.

The 3D scan was performed and the diagnosis was now confirmed. Weston has Sagittal Craniosynostosis.  As described on the NIH website, Craniosynostosis is classified as a birth defect. It is when one or more of the sutures on a baby’s head close earlier than expected. The skull bones typically fuse around 2 or 3 years old. My son was only 8 ½ weeks at this time.

So what does this mean for Weston? Without treatment, Weston would have an abnormal head shape. With the center suture already fused the head would appear narrow and the forehead would protrude and the back of the head would elongate.  The shape could cause discomfort when laying on his back.  Single suture craniosynostosis is typically not associated with genetic disorders. The sagittal type is considered most common occurring in about 1 out of every 1000 births.

We met with a neurosurgeon and a plastic surgeon. We were given three options for treatment. The first was to participate in a helmet only study.  This is a newer study but appeared rather successful.  Weston would be placed into a helmet for an extended period of time.  And his head shape would be the determination of how well it worked. If it was unsuccessful, a major surgery would be necessary.  The second option was a minimally invasive surgery. This option was only available because his diagnosis was made so early on. The surgery is called a strip craniectomy.  Just as it sounds, a strip of skull would be removed releasing the fused skull bones. Weston would be placed into a helmet following the surgery to help shape the skull as it grows.  The third option was to wait till about 4-6 months of age and perform an invasive surgery called a craniotomy. During this surgery, the skull bones would be removed and reshaped with plates and screws.  It was a ton of information to digest. We researched and prayed for a few days.  Our decision was made to move forward with the minimally invasive strip craniectomy.

Weston went in for surgery on May 13th. The surgery was quick. It only lasted about an hour. The doctor came out and reported to us that the surgery went well. The only issue that we had at hand was that prior to surgery, Weston’s hemoglobin level was on the lower side at 8.4gm/dL  (Normal is 11 to 15gm/dL). It was something that they would watch and reevaluate several hours after surgery. He headed on to recovery and then was finally transferred up to the PICU. We waited for what seemed like forever. Finally around 2:45 pm, I was able to walk into the PICU room and see my baby boy for the first time since I handed him over for surgery. I was taken back by the sight. He was pale and looked very tiny on the very large hospital bed. He had an IV line in each foot; an arterial line in his left wrist. He had heart monitor leads coming from his chest. He had a pulse ox attached to his right big toe.  And he had a catheter. Monitor screens reading his vitals lit up the darken room. And then I heard his cry for the first time; my heart shattered into pieces. It was the worst sounding cry I’ve ever heard come from any of my children. My tiny little baby, who could not even have Motrin, was on morphine every two hours around the clock and Tylenol every four hours.  The nurse asked me if I wanted to hold him. I was dying to hold him! I held him the rest of the day and through the night. I didn’t lay him back in his hospital bed until 4am. And I only put him down at that point to use the restroom and pump. The second day we were moved out of the ICU to a regular room.  Weston slowly started nursing again. The swelling of his head was in full effect though. His hemoglobin levels dropped lower as well.  We called for a minister of our church to come anoint Weston and pray for his recovery.  This was the hardest trial our family had ever been through.

Day three brought us smiles from Weston again. Praise God! He was back to nursing almost like normal. His swelling was gone. The only problem lingering was his hemoglobin level. It had dropped down to 4.6 gm/dL.  That afternoon we agreed to a blood transfusion.  Weston tolerated the transfusion well and we stayed a third night in the hospital.  Saturday, May 16th we finally went home.

Weston bounced back pretty quickly. His dimple smiles filled our home once again. We went four days later for his helmet fitting and finally a week later we picked it up. So here we are today, six days into the helmet with many more ahead of us.  Weston will be in a helmet 23 hours a day and anywhere from 6 to 12 plus months.  He seems to be adjusting well to it. I am not a fan. I miss the close cuddling and rubbing his hair. But I am thankful to God for pulling us through this and the medical technologies, surgeries and devices that will grant Weston a normal appearance and a brighter future.

For further information and sources see links below.