Earnest Mom Squad Feature: Avoid Summer Brain Drain


Here is a great article from Earnest Squad Member, Kahentiiosta.  Enjoy, e.m.

With summer in full swing, it can be easy for the kids to get bored quickly, and run out of ideas for keeping their minds optimal and ready for September.  Even though summer should be a carefree time, we need to keep in mind, that children are continuing to learn and finding creative ways to prevent the dreaded brain drain, will ensure that.

Here are some ideas and activities that can help with avoiding brain drain over the summer.

No electronics day instead of spending hours aimlessly looking at electronics, try putting them away and play some board games outside. I keep a few board games in reach for my girls to choose from and rotate every few days, so that they don’t feel as if they’re always playing the same games. One of our favorite games right now is Frozen Candyland.

Heading to the local library in your area is another free option. Most libraries have books, movies and CDs. There may even be some activities that day for the children to participate in.

We recently purchased some 2 x 4 pieces of wood and have used it to make our own life size Jenga set. Adding a number on the board and then having a sheet of math questions or simple words they need to spell out with a missing word.

Making a game of seek and find out of the weekly grocery store flyers is another way to find. Having a sheet of words that you would find in the flyer and they can cut out the picture and glue it to the paper, then write the words. For older children giving them a set budget they can try and find the prices and add up the prices for a shopping list.  Giving them a budget of $25 and see how many items they can purchase with that amount.

Make a letter a sensory bin of or a plastic bin, rice and foam letters. Place double the number of letters in the bin and they can spell out simple words and for the older children they can try and spell out the longest word with the letters they find.

Stick art kit out of pre-made pictures of stick art and tooth picks, keep in a small tote, and change pictures as needed. Templates can be found online under Stick Art Kit.

Lastly, making a summer bucket list of various activities the children want to do at home or within the surrounding neighborhood. Check the local town hall for various activities being offered.

Engaging the children in the planning with keeping them interesting in what they like to do, and finding fun ways to spend their summer holiday.

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!