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Mamahood; let’s DO this!

Ok, so typically I would not post about what anyone else does, that being said I've decided to create a call to action. Mamas, let's stop judging one another. Let's stop sizing up how we gave birth, what diapers we use and if we use bumper pads or not.  Let's stop using social media to… Continue reading Mamahood; let’s DO this!

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Earnest Mom Baby Wears. Do You?!

Featured image courtesy of Babywearing International  It's International Baby Wearing week this week! I love wearing earnest baby everywhere I can. Since she is still nursing it allows us to keep that intimate closeness but I can't lie, as a stay at home mom the whole "carry your baby hands free" helps me out so… Continue reading Earnest Mom Baby Wears. Do You?!