Mamahood; let’s DO this!

Ok, so typically I would not post about what anyone else does, that being said I’ve decided to create a call to action. Mamas, let’s stop judging one another. Let’s stop sizing up how we gave birth, what diapers we use and if we use bumper pads or not.  Let’s stop using social media to shame or tear down fellow mamas. Why?! Because it hurts. I’m so disappointed when I see us mamas tearing other mamas down.

We are all connected by one thing, we have been blessed to have children all our own (whether birthed or adopted or even step), we are all attached by a cord of responsibility for a future generation. 

Let’s stop. Let’s embrace one another, let’s love one another and most of all let’s lift each other up! Kindness and acceptance are some of the most desired things around the world, so let’s give it out like candy at Halloween. Scratch that, giving it out at Halloween makes it sound like we need to dress up to receive it; no let’s just spread them everywhere, regardless of what we would have done ourselves or how we would have done it differently.  Because kindness and acceptance are FREE. 

Mamahood is one of the most powerful sisterhoods out there! So let’s call that order to march. Let’s celebrate our differences, let’s support our new mamas or less informed mamas. Let’s be caring and earnest in our comments on social media, if we see something may be wrong let’s be classy and privately message where we think there needs improvement. 

Mamas, we are setting the example so let’s set the standard high and help our littles grow to be better than we could ever be. When babies are around, sleep is minimal, emotions are wild and the number one thing us mamas need it an outstretched arm of support; we don’t need hands to only push us down. 

That being said, let’s lessen the judging, public shaming and finger pointing that only cause hurt and offense. Instead let us change it, let us being to increase the embraces of kindness, blankets of support and sisterhood of uplift that will help all mamas out there. 

In closing, I want to take a moment to say: mamas keep up the good work, keep taking care of your kids the best you can each and every day; smile at a stranger because smiling is contagious and that’s one thing I love to catch.  Send a fellow mama a message of encouragement because a kind word can change someone’s day in a moment. If you can, give a text or call just to say “I’m thinking of you and you’re awesome.”  Remember, happy people are the most beautiful and smiles do more repair than any discouraging word. Let’s do this mamas, let’s be the change. 


earnest mom. 

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