Earnestly Thankful.

As the earnest family and I go through what feels to be an impossible transition in our lives, I am left feeling thankful. I am thankful for the family and friends that surround me, the ones that are so far yet long to be alongside us, and those that have passed from this life. I am earnestly grateful for you all.

Even though some days are overwhelming, never ending and full of unwanted surprises, I continue to feel so blessed. I am trying to slow down and even in the crazy stressful times take in each moment, and be present with my family.

We hope to look back on all this craziness and see how far we have come; then laugh at the things that currently seem to be only stumbling blocks.

So in turn, thank you family, friends and followers. Thank you for your interest, thank you for your patience and most of all thank you for being apart of our earnest little lives!


earnest mom.

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