Earnest Mom Gets UnPapered!


A while back, earnest dad and I had chatted a bit about using unpaper towels. Never really getting around to it and feeling quite intimidated by the change, I finally bit the bullet and reached out to the sweet Sarah over at Marley’s Monsters to get our hot hands on some high quality unpaper towels.  There were some great fabrics to choose from, since I figured paper towels are used to clean up messes it was best to get a fabric or two that looked nice together and hid stains if needed. I loved the flower print and Sarah helped me to pick the perfect complementary color to go with it.  We are a family of four and we ordered 24 unpaper towels, we have not been disappointed at all!

Here they are compared to the Honest Company’s”select a size” paper towels and then a shot of the thickness of the flannel.

As I mentioned above, we ordered 24 unpaper towels and they are the perfect amount for our family of four. They are great for wiping up spills, wash up great and are super soft for wiping sticky fingers and faces. To store clean ones, we roll them together and hang from our paper towel roll, well, now our unpaper towel roll. The flannel sheets naturally cling to each other which make them roll off perfectly when we pull them off the roll. I use the same unpaper towel through the day when I am drying my hands and then with supper (as I am home all day with earnest babe). We store dirty unpaper towels in an Urban Oreganics muslin bag in our broom closet. I wash a load of unpaper towels about every two days and use our regular natural detergent on a quick wash and tumble dry for about twenty five minutes (they dry quick!).  So far zero stains too!

Unpaper towels have been an easy transition for this earnest family and I am wishing everyday that I had not felt so intimidated and bought these bad boys sooner! Marley’s Monsters is such great quality and Sarah is SO sweet I would recommend anything from her shop. If you are curious about unpaper towels, try them today and use earnest mom’s 15% discount listed below, which is good until March 20th, 2016. Sarah also offers cloth wipes (which we use and love), nursing pads (also use and love!) and many other great handmade items. Enjoy!


earnest mom.

Marley’s Monsters 15% code: EARNESTMOM15

Visit Marley’s here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/marleysmonsters?ref=s2-header-shopname

Expires March 20, 2016

Earnest Dad, Happy Valentine’s Day. 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I wanted to express my gratitude towards Earnest Dad. When I first brought Earnest Boy home from giving birth, I often took the time to tell Earnest Dad how much he helped me and how much I depended on him. He was such an amazing help, I was falling asleep nursing and he was bringing me water. I was crying and hormonal, he was being my shoulder. He did so much and I realized early on how blessed I was to have him. 

For Valentine’s Day, I want to give him a HUGE thank you. Thanks for being my crutch when I couldn’t steady myself, for being my voice when mine was lost; thank you for changing diapers when I could find the energy and for being patient when I could not keep it all together. Thank you for being so loving, forgiving, honest, kind and strong. Thank you for going out of your way for making this Earnest Mom feel special, beautiful and loved. 

You are such an amazing father to our children, you take each diaper change in stride and when it is your turn to take the kids you are such a champ. You are such an amazing husband, you take my desire to be a better person and help me grow it. Honestly and earnestly, this whole life that we go through I could not imagine going through it without you. Thank you for being my partner in life, in parenting and in love. 


earnest mom.