You Are Enough, Part 3. Move to feel good :)


If you have been following along on my “you are enough” journey I hope that there has been some healing and perhaps some inspiration on your end as much as there has on mine.  It has been an honor as earnest mom to share this sensitive and raw part of my life.  I know that in the journey of loving ourselves more the way we are, we still want to be healthy and happy.  Eating healthy and feeling good go hand in hand with loving our bodies, but I am not of fan of moving my body to change it.  As someone who has embraced my body, I want to move it to feel geed, to feel energized and active.  I have had an amazing opportunity to try this online gym for a year for FREE (no credit card numbers needed), and I am earnestly excited to share this same opportunity with all my earnest followers!

I’ve teamed up with the fantastic OnlineGym4me and tried their New Mommy, Fit Body Online Workout Program.  This 3-week online workout program will help you achieve the best shape of your life and feel strong at the same time. Now, you can easily incorporate exercise into your super busy schedule. The program is led by a skilled OnlineGym4me instructor Monique and consists of 6 classes, each lasting just 15 minutes. You can do the program whenever you find a little time, and you can do each class as many times you want or even pause it if your new mommy duties can’t wait.  Check out this new program for you new mamas here:

For those of us who are not postpartum, but are looking to move a little more and just feel good, there is everything from yoga to cardio, muscle toning to immunity boosting workouts.  Some workouts are live or recorded, and some 30 minutes or 15 minutes long, I know that in my crazy earnest schedule I can set aside fifteen minutes here and there to take care of me.  That phrase, you cannot give from an empty cup rings true with this earnest mom.  When I am tired and drained, it is hard to give as much as I can to my family but with more energy from moving my body just as it is, helps me to fill my cup so I can do more with them!

So, how about that free one year membership?! Sign up here, and you only need your name, email and create a password (or you can sign in using Facebook) click a few goals for workouts and boom, you will have your very own personalized work out plan that you can do anywhere you can connect, for free for a whole year! Enjoy.

x. em.