Earth Day 2016: The 3 R’s and Plastics plus a Giveaway

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We are all familiar with the 3 R’s of recycling; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  So, how does that apply to us today and plastic??  Plastics are everywhere, they are used in almost every package imaginable and most of the time tossed into the trash.  Recycling plastics is gaining momentum and I earnestly hope that this Earth Day, we all can try to make a difference by recycling all of our plastics.  Let’s look at the 3 R’s and what they mean for plastic.

REDUCE.  There is a huge movement on reducing the use of plastic everywhere.  Grocery stores are stopping the use of plastic bags (or you have to purchase them for use), and theme parks and zoos are stopping the use of plastic lids on their soft drinks.  What are some ways we can reduce?  Use reusable containers for lunches and leftovers, stop using plastic drinking straws and invest in some reusable grocery bags (remember to wash them often to keep them clean).  FACT: it takes 1, 000 years for a single plastic grocery bag to degrade.

REUSE.  There are great companies our there that are making their products by using recycled plastics to help reduce plastic waste.  Green Toys is a great company that makes their toys from 100% recycled materials, including plastic.  Re-Play is another company that makes children’s plates, bowls, utensils, and cups are made out of recycled HDPE plastic, which is basically milk jugs.  Both companies are a huge favorite in the earnest household, not only made from recycled plastic but they can be recycled again themselves.  We love this sustainable effort so much, earnest mom is giving away a set from Re-Play so be sure to enter at the link below.  In our own homes, there are many uses for plastic containers we have.  Reuse cleaner bottles bu purchasing refills and concentrates to allow one bottle to get numerous uses, and even get crafty with those water bottles by making planters and much more (head over to Pinterest if you need inspiration).

RECYCLE.  Okay, how do we recycle?  Most municipalities do not make you sort your recyclables but always be sure to check before recycling so it does not get left on the curb. Know your numbers.  There are coded numbers on the bottom of all plastics, this is for a reason.  Some plastics are only safe for one time use for consumers, and some are the plastics that should be avoided.  Some need to be recycled, and some cannot or will not be.  The number code 3 will not be picked up curbside and rarely is recycled, 6 and 7 are rarely allowed curbside.  These plastics are also the plastic that have higher toxin ratings are the ones that are best avoided if possible.  Number 1 is considered safe and recyclable as it is picked up curbside, however it is listed among ones that should be avoided as well.  Numbers 2, 4 and 5 as they are considered the safest and are 100% recyclable, most curbside programs now pick them up.  For more information on plastics, how to recycle them and which ones to avoid use the links provided below.

As far as consumption and production goes, it looks as though plastics will still be a large source of packaging and other uses for companies.  Let’s work together this Earth Day and start using the 3 R’s in our lives, especially where plastics are concerned.  Now, the giveaway – in celebration of Earth Day and the reuse of plastics, earnest mom is giving away a free Solid Set from Re-Play in aqua.  The set includes:RePlay

1 Spoons and 1 Fork, 1 Divided Plate, 1 Bowl,
1 Drinking Cup, 1 Spill Proof Cup and 1 Snack Pod.


Good luck!  Happy Earth Day from the whole earnest family!

Enter giveaway here:a Rafflecopter giveaway  Giveaway open to both residents of US and Canada, entries must be received by 11:59 pm April 24, 2016.

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Helpful links on plastics:

Earnest Mom Local Spotlight: The Family Shop

The Family Shop is a new and exciting parenting retail store opening here in Erie, PA.  Created by Jeff and Kristyn Chiaramonte, their mission is to provide the best quality family care products and services at fair pricing to support families of all income levels. Every customer matters to them. Such a perfect name for their shop as they truly are family focused and family supportive, a community effort that is rarely felt in any big box store today.  They are trying to help the community not only by providing great products to families but also by supporting local “mommy makers/artisans” which will have Erie made products featured on their Vendor Wall.

The Family Shop will provide great new natural products focused on helping families. They will be offering  a variety of baby carriers/wraps, nursing/maternity apparel, cloth diapers, bamboo feeding tools, educational toys, teething products and more. The shop has a Mommy Corner, designed with nursing moms in mind, it is a quiet corner where mammas can nurse if baby gets hungry during shopping or change their bums without being distracted from the business of the hustle and bustle.  There is also an adorable kids spot that is a space designed specifically for little ones to play, with a huge open window  where kids remain in sight from across the store; moms and dads can shop while their little one plays, and can keep a good eye on them at the same time.

The Family Shop will have their grand opening starting Tuesday April 26, 2016 10 am lasting all week, they will give away free reusable “The Family Shop” totes on each in store purchase, while supplies last.  The shop’s regular hours of operation will be Tuesdays-Saturdays from 10 am – 6 pm.  During the grand opening there will be large stamp pads available in an array of colors so the customers can use their hand prints to decorate the lower half of the store’s walls.  I earnestly love this idea and cannot wait until my littles are old enough to return and can pick out their own hands on the shop walls.  As the days lead up to the grand opening, stay tuned on Facebook where the shop has been featuring some fun reveals and keeping us updated with any news.

I am earnestly excited for this store to open, as an Erie resident and mama of two I can see the potential and need for this shop to be a great community support.  Kristyn and Jeff hope to start hosting learning programs from the shop to allow moms and dads a safe place to spend time, grow and learn, and allow children to socialize as well.  The shop is quaint, inviting and welcoming to all customers.  Whether you are curious about baby wearing, cloth diapers, looking to simply connect, or thinking about going bit greener in your home, this is the shop you want to stop by!

Contact The Family Shop at Yorktown Plaza
2501 W. 12th Street
Erie, PA 16505
or Connect on Facebook:
and Twitter:

Hope to see you at the Grand Opening!
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An earnest Earth Day Sale. #Honestly 

The Honest Company

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In honor of Earth Day, The Honest Company is having a Buy More, Save More event!  You can save up to $40 on qualifying orders (PLUS it does not have to be your FIRST time ordering!).  Looking for a reason to stock up on Earth friendly, Honest cleaners or baby gear?! This is your reason – savings!  This sale starts today and will last until April 24, 2016. Hurry, hurry, many of their products sell out fast, especially during events like this.  When you receive your Honest sale order and still want to celebrate Earth Day, check out The Honest Company’s blog, ‘Honestly’ for  7 Ways to Repurpose Your Honest Packaging.
Here is how the Buy More, Save More event works:

❀ Spend $50, get $20 off with the code EARTH20

❀ Spend $75, get $30 off with the code EARTH30

❀ Spend $100+, get $40 off with the code EARTH40

I love using Honest products in my home, safe, non-toxic cleaners plus SUPER cute disposable diapers when I need them (we cloth most of the time, but Honest diapers are a cute and safe alternative for us).  I will not let these savings pass me up and hope that you earnestly take advantage too.  Celebrate this Earth Day with safer products for you and safer products for our earth. Be sure to read the fine print below.

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Click here to shop
The Honest Company

*Terms and Conditions: *$20 off $50+ purchase, $30 off $75+ purchase, and $40 off $100+ purchase on Limit 1 Promo Code per customer/household; family members or friends with the same address may not use this code again. Limit 2 new Bundles per customer in a single transaction with the following restrictions: if customer has 2 or more existing Bundles, promo codes are not valid toward new Bundle purchases; if customer has 1 existing Bundle, promo codes are only valid toward 1 new Bundle purchase. Excludes Gift Bundles, Gift Cards, Existing Bundles and Free Trials. Free shipping applies to standard ground shipping of eligible orders shipped within the contiguous U.S.only. Offer expires at 11:59 p.m. (PST) on 4/24/2016. Applicable promo code must be entered at checkout. Order total before taxes and shipping charges cannot exceed $1,000. Discount applied before International Surcharge, taxes and shipping charges. Cannot be combined with any other promotion. Terms subject to change at any time.