Making Memories.  Earnest thoughts on family traditions. 

In the earnest household there are somethings that earnest dad and I do every year, that in turn will make memories with our earnest littles. After reading an article recently, I never realized the importance of these annual traditions. They are the very things that when our children are older, they will sit back and remember (warm and fuzzies included), and perhaps decide to carry on with their little ones. 

Every year on the first snowfall, the earnest household gets a warm batch of “First Snow Brownies.”  Six years ago, our first year as Mister and Misses, on the first day it snowed I surprised mister earnest with “First Snow Brownies.”  It was the first time I had ever made them – they are simple chocolate brownies, with a dusting of snow (powdered sugar), but the intent was just to have fun with something different. Well I made them on the first snow the next year, and the year after that…and now if you were to ask earnest boy what his favourtie kind of brownies are, he will say first snow brownies (most of the time at least – at 5 there’s one thing earnest boy is not, and that is predictable). 

At Christmas, earnest dad’s mom made a tradition of having a popular biscuit-in-a-can brand’s orange rolls for breakfast (well for snacking during the present opening). So every year now, when the whole earnest family wakes to a tree lit up bright, a cookie plate and milk glass emptied, and prezzies waiting to be opened – we all sit while the coffee percolates and the orange rolls rise in the oven and not one present is touched until everyone has their orange roll in hand. This tradition is one of my earnest favorites, I love that earnest dad has memories of it from his childhood and now our children will too. It’s as though there is a tangible memory out there that will forever link them through time – oh still my beating earnest heart, I got a bit weepy there.  I earnestly do admire that this tradition created so much joy in earnest dad’s life, that his hope is to share it with his earnest loves. 

There are so many ideas out there, customs or traditions or rituals (whatever you may call them) that you can start today (or this year if you have to wait for the first snow fall) and to that I say why not create some memories with your littles, they will be the ones they don’t forget!  If you need some inspiration or ideas, I’ve provided a link below to Parent Magazine’s article “14 Fun Family Traditions to Start Today.”   

Have fun earnest followers, enjoy making those memories and please comment below to share some traditions that your households enjoy  – even some you may be planning on starting. I’d love to hear them!


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14 Fun Family Traditions to Start Today

Think globally. Act locally. An earnest review of Urban Oreganics all natural organic products. 

As an earnest mom – I try to be mindful of my household and it’s health – I do my best to do things as naturally as possible. For instance, in celebration of Earth Day today, the earnest household will not be turning on the television nor the lights. In general however, we try to eat only organic, use natural based cleaners, we make our own laundry detergents and I’m even one of them earnest cloth diapering moms – but I also take my skin care very seriously. It’s the only skin I’ve got!  I try to steer clear of toxins in make ups and face creams/cleansers and even use simple vinegar/baking soda for hair care. Did you know that everything we put on our skin gets absorbed and actually goes into our bloodstream?! Think of all those chemicals listed on that cold cream sitting in the cupboard – needles to say, I was in need of a good facial cleanser and cream.  

While poking about online looking for an earnest skin company for my dilemma, I found Urban Oreganics ( and decided to try it out. Then, I earnestly feel in love. I’ve been using cleansing grains and facial cream (with SPF 20), I can be earnest and say both are wonderful! Best thing is – I know AND can pronounce every item listed in the ingredients. I’ve gotten complements on how “glowy” my skin looks, and I was even told I looked fresh faced. 

The cleansing grains smell like yummy oatmeal (gluten free of course) and my skins feels clean and soft afterward. The facial cream (I got unscented but you can choose from their selection of natural scents), goes on with no greasy or sticky feel – the best part is it feels refreshing on my face. I feel like I’m getting salon quality cleanings in my very own earnest home – with zero toxins!  

I must insist you try them out!  you will find face creams, masks, cleansers, toner, full body/hair care and mama-baby sections as well. PLUS, they are all hand made in Oregon and packaged with love. Not only will you feel good with natural products for yourself, but you will actually be supporting this Oregon mama making the skin care world less toxic one Urban Oreganic at a time. 

This Earth Day – I earnestly say, let’s act locally, starting with the care of our skin! Use this special earnest mom blog code to receive 20% off your entire order today! 

EM200 (This code is redeemable until 4-30-15) 


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About Urban Oreganics:

Urban Oreganics handcrafts the highest quality bath & beauty products from natural, sustainable, organic, and vegan ingredients in Portland, OR. Their handmade creations are lovingly fashioned in small batches and tested on friends and family, never on animals.

Coffee. An earnest, open letter to the extincted hot morning coffee of a stay at home mom. 

Dearest Hot Cup of Coffee,

I must earnestly apologize for pouring you, mixing in creamer and setting you down – only to let you sit there and cool to room temperature with out one joyous sip while you are perfectly hot from the pot.  You should know, it is never my intent to leave you only to chug you down bitter cold – every morning I pour with hope my last sip will still simmer with love. Alas, this is not the case, and has not been the case in seven months. My mommy duties have pulled me away from our decade long morning relationship and I must admit I miss you so. I miss sitting, quietly inside or out, at home or at work, I miss it – that nice warm kiss of a first sip to help ease the morning and to help welcome the week on Mondays.

Sadly, you sit – alone on the table while earnest boy demands more waffles or eggs and earnest baby cries for more milk. Patiently you sit there, cooling alone while the earnest household bustles around you. You are so patient yet you cannot hold your heat, for I know you desire every drink of you to be warm with satisfying heat.

I’ve mistreated and neglected you and for that I’m truly sorry. I look forward for that day that once again, I will have slept the whole night and awakened refreshed, pushed your pots ON button and listen to you percolate in peace and anticipation.  I expect that day my children will be grown and I will have consumed gallons of cold versions of you only to avoid the afternoon headache of your absence. But that day, when it’s calm, quiet, just you and I and the rise of the sun, I will earnestly sip and enjoy every mouthful of your glory and that day will be wonderful.

Until then, I will continue to pour with the same earnest hopes of heated delight, leave you there, then chug you down cold but know, I will always look to the future. As for now I have a sweet darling, growing earnest boy of five that I’m more than happy to give my earnest time to, and a sweet peachy earnest baby of seven months that has made life complete and I’m so blessed to give my restful night to. Until then, know my earnest love for your has never changed – only put on hold for a season.

With all my love for you,

earnest mom.