An Earnest Review. Earnest Mom Reviews Gerber’s New All in One Cloth Diaper. 

A few days ago, the classic baby brand Gerber released their new, All in One cloth diaper, retailing online at $12.99 for a starter pack (which includes one reusable diaper with insert). The diapers are made with cotton TransDRY technology that wicks moisture away from baby’s skin and also has a waterproof outer cover that keeps clothes dry too. The diaper is actually really nice! It has Velcro (loop and hook) closures, not snaps like most All in Ones and is not bulky on baby’s bum. Another feature about this All in One is it can double as a pocket diaper that can be used with the insert included for extra absorbency. I received a sample of this diaper to review for all you earnest followers out there. 

Today, earnest baby got to test this sample out (the starter diaper pictured above with the insert). It went on her earnest little bum around 10 am, and we were out the door running errands and shopping. Around 2 she was getting hungry and ready for her nap when I realized I hadn’t changed her yet. After about 4 hours she got her bum changed (I usually change her between the 2 and 3 hour mark to avoid ‘damp diaper’ that can happen with cloth). I was expecting to have ‘damp diaper,’ but to my surprise the outer shell of the diaper was dry, I mean completely dry. Also, the double gusset leg design and waistband did not leak at all!  I must say, I was earnestly impressed. Not only is the diaper less bulky than popular cloth diapers on the market today, but it really stands up to the test; when I opened the diaper, the liner and the inside of the diaper were indeed wet but earnest baby’s bum was not. 

I really liked this cloth diaper and would recommend it to any family out there who may be considering cloth diapering. I cloth diapered with both of my children, starting with earnest boy five years ago. I purchased a Hybrid system that could use both cloth and disposable inserts and we invested in the cloth. The retail for the diapers I purchased with no insert are approximately $29.99 (for a two pack) and a six pack of inserts running around the same $29.99 mark. With Gerber’s price point being $12.99 for both diaper and insert, I would have definitely considered purchasing this system years ago. Typically, All in Ones cost between $14.95 and $29.95 at retail, and I like that Gerber was able to come in at a lower cost.  Since purchasing my first cloth diaper system, I have accumulated many Hybrids, All in Ones and Pockets. I think out of all of them, Gerber is my new favorite. 

This new Gerber all in one is nice quality with an even nicer price! If you are curious about cloth and try this system, you will make the switch! Find yours here at Gerber Children’s Wear.


earnest mom. 

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