Baby Steps. An earnest attempt at homemade baby food. 

Wash. Peel. Steam. Purée. That easy right?? Sure – it was that easy, four exhausting hours of easy; but for two weeks worth of what 7 month old earnest baby will eat – it’s worth it’s weight in gold…err time.  How did I find the time? I mean, I AM a stay at home mom and all but time is not a luxury of the stay at home mom. To be earnest, earnest dad and earnest boy were stuck at the dealership getting something fixed on the van (yes for four hours) and I thought ” how glorious, I have all the time in the world, what shall I do with it?!” I chose to make baby food.

  I used two ripe bananas, two sweet potatoes, five medium gala apples and a half bag of baby red, yellow and orange carrots (all organic of course for earnest baby, but if organic is a bit out of the price range stick to EWG’s dirty dozen and clean fifteen lists found here Dirty Dozen/Clean 15 ). Washed, peeled and chopped the apples and sweet potatoes, then steamed all but the bananas. Using Sage Spoonfuls immersion blender, puréed the carrots and the apples, then with a fork simply mashed the bananas and the sweet potatoes.

All of this yielded quite a bit of food, I ended up with two 4oz jars of each – apples, sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots and banana-carrot blend and two 8oz jars of sweet potato-apple blend.

Of course, earnest baby had her helping hands in there too…

Now that I have made the earnest effort, I will plan it a bit better next time so hopefully the time can get pared down, but all in all I enjoyed the experience. Even more, I earnestly love that I have baby food ready to eat in the freezer – all organic and no question of what’s inside the label. It’s all 100% food for earnest baby!!  The recipes were simple, the Sage Spoonfuls system is awesome (comes with freezer safe glass jars and a cook book with information on cooking and storing all kinds of first foods) but can be substituted with a food mill, immersion blender or a bullet type blender as well.

Have fun feeding your baby foodies you earnest followers and please post recipes or even pics of your handy works in the comments below!


earnest mom

Sage spoonfuls can be found here: Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Making System check it out if your in the market for a great system to make and store your own baby food.

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