Unpolished. Earnest Mom’s Crunchy Journey into Nail Polish. 

The first installment of the “Earnest Mom’s Crunchy Journey.”  A blog series that will feature a monthly change that earnest mom will be making for the green – I mean the better, making for the better. 

Ok. I earnestly love to have manicured, painted and pretty nails. Really. I do – I am a huge supporter of a popular, kitschy named, bright colored square shaped nail polish brand. And I mean HUGE fan; I’ve counted and in my nail polish bin there are twenty seven of those bad boys (and that’s just the one brand). I just love nail polish – particularly pink as I have learned for most of the twenty seven are variations of the color.  I enjoy matching colors to shoes, tops and even purses. I love glitter on one finger or glitter on all, tips, ombré, all kinds of color combos – um, I think you’re getting the picture. Polish-a-holic. 

A few years ago I remember a coworker telling me that I should check out what chemicals are in nail polish so I would know what I was putting on my nails every week. At the time I thought, “I love my polish, I don’t care what’s in it.”  Well, late night nursing sessions leave me WIDE awake at odd hours of the night so naturally I use this time to read articles about chemicals in nail polish – well at least I did last night and oh my! These earnest eyes were opened!!

First of all, every one of you earnest followers need to earmark, bookmark, favorite and save the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Website where they feature hundreds of articles and safety ratings for the chemicals and toxins in just about everything. 

Ok. So back to nail polish. One word: Formaldehyde. Yikes! Know that over 90% of name brand nail polishes on the market do contain it, and it is mainly found in their top coats, base coats, strengtheners, whiteners, and other “enhancing” nail treatments. Be on the look out for this culprit which receives a rating of 10 (out of 10) by the EWG for its toxicity and hazard level. Formaldehyde has been linked to cancer as it is a carcinogenic impurity that is released by the nail polish itself. 

Next is an ingredient found in just about all current market polishes, aluminum powder which is used as a colorant in the polish itself. This metal compound being made up of particles of aluminum and other toxins has a only a score of four but when it has repeated exposure (likely bi-weekly or monthly manicures) can lead to mega toxin absorption. Aluminum powders are linked to neurotoxicity as well as organ toxicity. These are just a few of the hundreds of chemicals that get placed on our nails to make them “better” but at what cost?!

I know I sound like I’m giving nail polish a bad name, I promise I’m not trying to. I’m just looking at some small ways that I can rid my earnest home and body of unwanted toxins.  Sadly, unless we invest in Piggy Paints and other all natural polishes out there – we will keep exposing  ourselves to some earnestly mean chemicals. 

So I ask you earnest followers to join me. This summer I’m campaigning for naked-nails (both fingers and toes). Show off your natural side and go naked-nail with me! On the upside, I know naked-nails will save my pocket book from more money spent on not only polish but remover as well.  And have you ever wondered why nails turn yellow after they’ve been painted for a long time?!  It’s because the nail bed is actually unable to breathe being covered by polish – luckily nail polish companies have come out with more chemicals to fix it…yikes. Note: nails also turn yellow from pigments found in the nail polish too (as mentioned earlier these pigments do contain aluminum powder and stain causing synthetic coloring).   No yellow nails for me. Let’s do it then, naked-nails!

Stay tuned next month when I update on my naked-nail campaign and share another way I’m getting a bit greener. 


earnest mom. 

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