Happy New Year! Earnestly not intended to be a cliche! ;)

The holidays have been a whirlwind in the earnest household. We have had our share of travel, feasts, laughter, desserts, and even the current fun of coughs and colds!  New years always brings in time of reflection on the passed year; I too found myself looking back, what a difference a year makes!

Over the passed year, the earnest family has moved TWICE, lost a dear loved one, made new friends and family, had tough times and amazing moments, all while getting through the day to day with one another.  We have had a lot of fun during our transition from selling, moving, renting, buying and moving again. Now that we have found what we feel to be our forever home, we are feeling more settled and looking forward to making the house our home. 

I am super blessed by all the support and love I have found as a blogger and looking forward to another earnest mom year with all of you! Thank you, thank you for your support, for reading each post and for all the follows! Without you guys, I would really just be writing to myself, (lol) and I earnestly enjoy connecting with all of you. 



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