NOLEO, An Earnest Review + Instagram Giveaway.

I recently had the privilege of sampling the NOLEO Baby Box (pictured above) on my littlest Earnest kiddo. Inside the Baby Box (which can be purchased one time or as a monthly subscription) includes one bag of NOLEO 150 Disposable Organic Cotton Pads,one 8 fluid ounce pump bottle of NOLEO Cleanser & Moisturizer and one NOLEO travel bottle.

The NOLEO Disposable Cotton Pads are large rectangles of buttery soft organic cotton. To test softness before applying to my earnest little’s bottom I used them on my face. Used with an organic rose water toner, the cotton pads cover a large area and are still usable when folded in half (great for wiping messes on bottoms). Their organic cotton pads are produced without insecticides or pesticides and free from all allergenic, carcinogenic and toxic chemical residue. When it comes to my littles’ skin – these factors are extremely important to me.

The NOLEO Cleanser & Moisturizer comes in an easy and convenient pump bottle, making application a breeze. To use (with the cotton pads or dry reusable wipes, non-woven gauze, dry wash cloth) shake well before use (organic oils naturally separate), apply a pump or two to cotton pad and use to clean baby’s diaper area. Gentle and natural enough to use at each diaper change for optimal benefits and protection. The Cleanser and moisturizer does not require rinsing as it cleanses, moisturizes and protects by remaining on skin. One 8 ounce bottle of NOLEO Cleanser & Moisturizer on average lasts 4 weeks. Each bottle eliminates up to 150 non-biodegradable baby wipes and the countless other products (baby lotions, diaper rash creams, baby powders, corn starch, etc) manufactured for the diaper change. *love this* The cleanser has a light scent, it smells like oil – the smell is mild and I did not mind it at all.

The last item included in the NOLEO Baby Box is the NOLEO travel bottle. The travel bottle is meant to be filled for convenient on the go use. I love that they have included an easy way to make the NOLEO Cleanser & Moisturizer portable. It helps me to have my diaper bag prepped and ready to go and before NOLEO I would have an extra pack of wipes designated for the diaper bag so I would not go with out. I like having the travel bottle and 6-10 cotton pads in a reusable bag for quick on the go use. Trying to be more eco- friendly does not mean it has to be more work.

If you are wanting to try NOLEO for yourself, check them out at and get $5 off of your first order.

Interested in our giveaway? Head on over to and look for the NOLEO x earnestmomblog Giveaway Post and enter there.

x. earnest mom

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