‘Tis the Season! Keeping it Cool in the Heat of the Holidays. 

Christmas is hands down my favorite time of year. Snuggling, firelight, hot cocoa and glorious displays of blinking, twinkly lights. One of my least favorite parts though is the stress, the mad rush of shopping, and traffic; I avoid the mall at all costs from Thanksgving until after the New Year. It stresses me out!!

As much as Christmas is a time to celebrate and gather with loved ones, many people feel the stress too. From worrying about finances to get the perfect prezzies, to finding the last on the shelf (fill in this season’s hot new thing) and getting it all wrapped before the big day.  Then add in coordinating family outfits for pics and choosing the perfect turkey for Christmas dinner.  Too much to worry about!

Well, I would like to request that we destress this holiday season. Let’s take a step back and remember what it is all about, it is definitely not about being “first, biggest or most”but finding time to enjoy one another, and maybe even giving back. 

Having recently relocated and finances being super tight, we set price limits on what the earnest kiddos were getting this year. Matter of fact, earnest boy being all of five years is excited for anything from a sucker to a used bike and so we took advantage of that innocence – we cut his budget in half and spent it on another child who would have gone with out presents this year. Earnest boy loved picking out the toys for him, and we feel great learning to give back as a family. In turn, I garage sale shopped online and got some great steals for both kiddos (mainly using my local Varage Sale sites). The rest of my shopping was all done local at small local shops to help support our town’s little commerce. 

Here I sit, a week before Christmas Eve with all presents bought and trying to focus on family for the next week. It feels pretty nice to have it all done. 

We have a HUGE family and will be in and out of town over the next few weeks and since we will not be in our home Christmas Eve and Day, we have decided to lay low before we leave and have an earnestly intimate Christmas as a family on a different day from December 25th.  We did not want for our earnest little household and traditions we do to get lost in the travel and busyness getting to see all of our family across the country.  I am so excited to get in our jammies on our “Christmas Eve” together with hot chocolate and popcorn to watch our annual movie, Elf and all snuggle as a family. 

By getting all my shopping done and knowing that we will be focussing on family the next few days has really helped me to stay stress free this season – maybe it may even help some of you find some peace this season too! 

How do you stay stress free and focussed during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season? Please share with all of us because I would love to hear more ideas!


earnest mom.