The Mommy Worries. What Helps Me.

Okay mamas, who is with me here:

It is 3:00 am and for some reason my brain is wiiiiiide awake even though my body is crying “GO BACK TO SLEEP!” Instead my defiant brain decides to travel down the winding slippery road of worries.

Worry One: Did I pay the bills? The answer every time is yes, however in the wee hours of the morning my brain convinces me for a moment that I missed them all and that they will be late, late, LATE!

Worry Two: Are my kids alive and healthy at this moment? I have to confess, this heart racing worry has leapt me from my bed and into the rooms of my slumbering children to assure myself that all is well.

Worry Three: Did I switch the laundry? Okay, okay more often than not this worry is a valid actual worry that usually ends up with me rewashing the load in the morning.

Worry four, five, six…anything that my mind can race to next. My kids in school, are the doors locked, did I sign homework forms, so on and so on.

This scenario happens more often than I like to admit, but one of my FAVORITE phrases lately is: “If you are worried about it – pray; if you prayed about it – don’t worry.”

Alas, taking heed to this simple phrase has changed my worry cycle. The minute those worries come flooding in, I remind myself to pray and not worry. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but if I have trouble giving up the worry I turn my phone on and read some scripture or bible study. Quickly, I feel my worried heart start to calm and my mind is able to focus on better things.

Mamas, are any of you familiar with this worry cycle?! What are your go to tips for battle the Mommy Worries?? Please share below.

x. earnest mom

2 thoughts on “The Mommy Worries. What Helps Me.

  1. You have read my mind lately. I have been so worried about many things and I’m having a hard time dealing with it. I am praying constantly and I can’t wait for this worry to go away. Thanks for making me feel better and know I’m not alone!

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  2. Excessive worrying is a sign for me to evaluate my relationship with the Lord. When was the last time I spent time talking to Him? Giving Him thanks for all He has done in my life? Remembering what He has done from the beginning of time? And, my worries go away. I have a best friend who loves me and watches over me and my faith in Him removes all doubt and worry. My cure for worry… More faith, less worry.


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