A Year of Less. An Earnest Non-Resolution.

I am not a “New Year New Me” kind of person; it just does not work for me and honestly causes me too much pressure to come up with changes and promises that by January 10th end in dissolution and disappointment. That is me though, I am imperfect and human on my best days. This year I did want to have a focus; a way to make things more simple for myself and one word stood out to me: LESS.

I want less, less clutter, less things, less overwhelm. I need less of the busy, demanding and constant that is in this world and less time spent on things other than what is really important to me.

By committing to less, keeping my kids in less activities, scrolling social media less, and looking outside to what everyone else is doing less is causing me to actually have MORE. I have found in a few short weeks, I have more time, more patience, more fun, more moments that make me smile, and more focus on my family, marriage, home and me. I usually listen to audio books while mop or do the dishes but I have actually found the time to get halfway through Jane Austen’s Emma – something that used to be near impossible for this SAHM of three. Less busyness has made more time!

I am giving myself permission to replace the “shoulds” in my life with “coulds.” Instead of pressuring myself like “I should fill in any demand on moms, women or wives here.” And giving myself the permission to say I COULD do it but I do not have to. I do not know about you, but when I fail to do something I feel I should do feels a whole lot worse than failing to do something I could do. (Thank you MOPS for that advice last year!).

So I am in this less attitude as I look at the non necessities in my life, and I am seeing so much more available to me that just naturally falls into place, and the more is really good. This feels incredibly organic compared my past failed attempts of doing more, more, more! I only found that adding more to my plate without taking anything off, threw me off and I was left more overwhelmed and frazzled than before. Sound familiar?! It has taken 35 years but I have finally learned, I cannot do it all and that is ok. I love me for me. God created me just as I am, and there is so much comfort in that knowledge.

What things could be less in your life that could help you find more? Please, share.

x earnest mom.

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