Welcome to the Earnest Mom Squad. Part Three.

Our final addition to the Earnest Mom Squad is the one and only Kate!  Here is an introduction below, please join me in welcoming her.

My name is Kate M…I am a 22-year-old wife and a mom of 2 babies but only 1 of which I get to hold in my arms. My husband and I met in 2012 and were engaged by 2013 6 months into dating, quick I know but when you know he’s your best friend why wait? In 2015 just before our wedding we found out we were pregnant however we unfortunately lost the baby at 9 weeks 4 days pregnant for unknown causes. We were married in October of 2015 and by December we were pregnant again only 6 months after loosing our first baby. That was the hardest transition ever but the most amazing feeling to know I had another chance so quickly. Now our baby is almost 6 months old and growing so quickly.

Everyday is a struggle, I never forget my first baby however I have to stay strong for my son. I am definitely a lucky mommy; he has slept through the night since a month old and now with teething, he barely fusses just sucks his bottom lip and loves his teething toys. I am also very blessed with my husband as he is the most supportive through everything and our son absolutely loves his daddy. Since day one he has had a bond with both of us no one could ever take away. I am blessed beyond words with my family and I don’t know where I would be without them.

We look forward to hearing more from Kate as well as the rest of our new members, A. and Kahentiiosta. Stay tuned for some great articles coming your way!

x. earnest mom.

1 thought on “Welcome to the Earnest Mom Squad. Part Three.

  1. Congrats! Earnest Mom team is strong and as a follower I am looking forward to sharing in the life experiences you all bring to the world. ❤


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