The Earnest Mom Squad

As you may know, earnest mom held an open application on Earnest Mom’s Facebook Page to bring some fresh new mamas on board as regular contributors. I am so thankful for all of the applicants who were willing to reach out and share their stories with me. As I am just starting out, I kept the squad to a small number of mamas so we could stay personal and grow together. I am over the moon excited to have introduced you to the three newest members of the Earnest Mom Squad to you over the last few weeks and felt I better give a better introduction to myself, Earnest Mom. 

My name is Rebecca and my husband and I have been happily married for 8.5 years. We have two children, Earnest Boy who is turning 7 and Earnest Baby who is no longer a baby but a busy, happy 2.5 year old. I am a stay at home mom to Earnest Baby and our newest addition Holly Golightly our Jack Russel mix. We go to church on Sundays and make all the effort we can to sit together to have supper every night, a value my parents instilled in my as a young girl. Saturdays are for cleaning and adventuring, and I love finding DIY projects for the hubs and I, plus trying to make my home more green. 

I am very passionate about this thing called motherhood and feel all moms, not matter parenting choices or preferences should feel welcomed. I strive to keep an open mind, have a blog where all mamas can feel connected and can be mamas who support mamas. Given a lot of today’s politics, news and opinions, I do not blog my personal political stances as I want all to feel welcomed and supported in their choices; the passion from all sides being as strong as can be, tend to fog this up and I am looking to build bridges not walls. Please know that I support you mamas, breastfeeding or formula – fed is best. Co-sleeping or crib sleeping – rest is best. Organic or non-organic, working moms or stay home mom, fashionistas or yoga pants are fancy moms – what works for every family is what is best for every family. This mommying gig can be exhausting, exhilirating and truthfully some of the most frustrating and joyous experiences I have ever known. When we are all working so hard to do what we know to be best for our families, a little kindness can go a long way.  

I am interested in connecting with moms of all walks and have a safe forum for us all to connect. The Earnest Mom Squad is assembled of mamas that are from completely different walks than me, we have a mom of multiples, a mom with experience with PPD and PPA, a mom with an experience with g-tubes, and much more. I am so excited for you to start hearing their journeys!

I have had a lot of requests about when the next application round will be available, there will be more as I hope to grow this little squad in support and numbers to share mamas from everywhere; so keep a look out this summer!
x. earnest mom. 

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