Host Your Own Healthy Baby Home Party. Earnest Mom Invites You to Apply!

If We Can Get Monsters Out of Closets, Bring Toys Back to Life, and Heal Scrapes with a Kiss, We Can Get Toxins Out of Our Kids.

Many of you have recently attended a great party (hosted by yours truly) with a GREAT conversation, Healthy babies and Healthy homes!  Our peer connections, support and advice during that party for me was priceless.  Well, I have GREAT news!  Seventh Generation is currently taking applications for YOU to host your own Healthy Baby Home Party in your community.  This is your opportunity, if you are selected, to be that friend that earnest mom is to you.  Let’s make that change!


Earnest Mom Goes to Gearapalooza. It. Was. AWESOME!

If there are any earnest followers that are expecting, planning or recently had a baby (or know anyone that fit these three), you NEED to know about Gearapalooza!

 Photo Courtesy of Bumb Club and Beyond

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Gearapalooza in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I cannot believe that I have not heard of Gearapalooza until this past year!  Gearapalooza is brought to us by the Bump Club and Beyond and features the amazing and talented, Jamie Grayson aka The BabyGuy NYC and of recent fame #babyguybox which is promising to be HUGE! (**UPDATE** it was huge, sold out in like 3 minutes and I heard it almost broke the interweb). Gearapalooza (click on link to see future locations) tours Canada and the United States featuring the newest and best of the baby gear world, and promises to be the ultimate baby registry and baby gear event – a promise in my mind they absolutely surpassed.

When we arrived (I scored a VIP ticket for me and a General Admission for a Bestie) we were welcomed warmly with our raffle ticket and event information, following that was a lot of delicious food!  After enjoying some yummy eats the real event began.  On our raffle tickets the name of every vendor was listed – for every vendor we visited we received a star and once our ticket was filled we got to hand it in for an awesome raffle.  The prizes, oh my – from Dr. Smith’s bum cream to a Naturapedic organic mattress to an Orbit travelling system.  The prizes given away that day must have retailed over $4,000!  I digress because the real feature of that day (not to down play the vendors AT ALL because, the giveaways were so awesome) was the one, the only BabyGuy, Jamie Grayson.  If you care at all about the products being used for your precious little bean you WILL follow him on ALL social media ASAP! He is the one you want to hear from when it comes to any baby gear – I think he has magical “BabyGear” powers that connect him to all things baby gear because he is literally the baby gear king!  He is funny, smart, clever and a joy to interact with, his knowledge cannot be surpassed.  The presentation was about one hour long but myself (being a mother of two) had my eyes opened to safety, new products and proper usage of items I own, in ways I did not know existed.

Another bonus to this day was of course the SWAG BAG! I am a sucker for free stuff (well free with a purchased ticket), these bags from Gearapalooza by The Bump Club and Beyond did not dissapoint.  Mine is pictured here (the VIP bag, which also included a BECO Soleil not pictured as it was being mailed after the event).

Seriously though, look at all those goodies!  I was also lucky enough to win a Dr. Smith Diaper Cream Prize pack that included the brand new Diaper Rash Spray!  What a blast and I earnestly encourage all my earnest followers out there, if you have a Gearapalooza coming up near you…GO! It is SO worth it.  I am so glad I attended and earnestly hope that I will have another chance in the future.  I.  Love.  Gearapalooza!


earnest mom