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The Middle Matters. An Earnest Book Review.

The Middle Matters is the main course, right in the middle of appetizers and desserts.  It is a hearty helping of comfort food that is necessary in this middle life of ours.  A warm serving of exactly what we need to remember, the scale is not the boss of us and we are the boss of our own emotions.

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An Earnest Summer!

This summer is FLYING by!  Sorry the posts have been sparse - we are enjoying the weather and this hot season.  We have been keeping busy with our local zoo, libraries, bowling and even took in a movie.  I have to admit, with a school-ager it is tough to keep the interest, allow some boredom,… Continue reading An Earnest Summer!

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Bookroo Shares Their Holidays Favorites!

Hello my earnest followers! I am SO excited to bring you this wonderful guest blog written by one of the co-founders of Bookroo. If you aren't familiar with Bookroo, it is a parent based company who's passion is to bring literacy to all children through their monthly (and very cost effective) subscription box. Enjoy and… Continue reading Bookroo Shares Their Holidays Favorites!